Born in Maryland, Richardson knew on a visit to New York City he would someday live in the creative, energetic city of New York. On that visit, he was six years old.

Choosing art as his path, he committed his talents and interest to painting. After two years at the Maryland Institute of Art, Richardson secured an artists assistant job in New York, leading him to finish his undergraduate degree there, at the School of Visual Arts. As an undergraduate, he did what so many young artists do in New York, he became a cab driver. This was perhaps a sideways life choice that lead him to apply for a delivery job at a cutting edge florist, Persephonie, where every hand counted. There he gained the skills that he’d rely on in a successful career as a floral designer.

After graduation from School of Visual Arts, syonora  New York, but just long enough for a graduate degree in painting from Yale. After graduation he returned to New York and to flowers, serving high profile and celebrity accounts, all the while, painting in his East 28th St. fifth floor walkup.

His focus on the great American landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, the size of canvases also came into focus for Richardson. Monumental size for monumental landscapes, and painting in a not so monumental cold water flat. So the wheels of imagination got to turning. This is always how interesting things happen. On a visit to the red rocks of Sedona to play golf and visit family and friends, on one particular evening, Richardson stared at the night sky and imagined his perfect home and studio, a New York loft on the inside and a great American barn on the outside. Finding the right spot in Lake Montezuma, an old Hollywood vacation spot, now a rural community on the edge of Forest Service land near Sedona, Richardson designed and built his dream home.

When asked about his philosophy on painting, what one is likely to hear is talk about the image and the warmth he wants to transmit through the image more than about picture plane or surface tension. “I’d like to create an intimacy in the monumental paintings and monumentality in the small paintings. I want a timeless quality in my work.”

About the artist and his work

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